BionicCoat, guarantees sailing pleasure!

The underwater hull is continuously exposed to micro-organisms. These attach to the boat, pollute and even cause the boat to slow down. The maintenance costs of dealing with these problems quickly take on great proportions and recur periodically. For the metal underwater hull or the new plastic boat, BionicProtect is the ideal, durable antifouling. And above water (and in the ship) the coating offers many other advantages. This includes protecting the material against moisture, corrosion and dirt, making it easy to clean and delaying the effects of UV light. It is a transparent solvent-based impregnation agent. Penetrates deeply, is very economical in use and durable. Available (depending on the content) in 0.5 liter bottle, 1 liter bottle, 5 liter jerry can and IBC (1,000 liters).

Nanocoat solutions for ships

Ships are exposed to the influences of nature like no other. Sun, salt, micro-organisms… They put the material to the test. Thanks to the natural protection with BionicProtect you ensure that your ship is free from high maintenance costs and inconvenience. Moreover, the material becomes easy to clean and retains its appearance. Give nature priority. Do it sustainably responsibly. Knowing more? Mail to