BionicClean Ultra Cleaner

There is a lot to clean. Of course you prefer to do this with a powerful cleaner. BionicClean Ultra Cleaner is a highly effective, concentrated, neutral and fresh smelling cleaner for the maintenance of surfaces such as plastic, tiles, floors, doors, glass and aluminum. The durable cleaning agent is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. BionicClean Ultra Cleaner is also excellent for use on surfaces that have previously been performed with BionicCoat.


The advantages:
  • Powerful and natural
  • Fresh smelling cleaner
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • The solution for living and working environments
How to use?

First rinse the surface with water so that the loose dirt is removed. Spray method: dose 20 ml of product in a spray bottle filled with a maximum of 1 liter of cold water. Then spray the BionicClean Ultra Cleaner on a microfiber cloth or directly on the surface. Clean the surface with this. Soaking method: dose 10 ml for normal pollution. product per liter of lukewarm water. Soak the work cloth or sponge in the BionicClean Ultra Cleaner and wring it out to a damp cloth. Clean the surface with this.


Perfect cleaning requires multiple treatment: first cleaning the material, then coating with BionicCoat, then regular maintenance. Want to know which BionicCoat works best for your surface?

Bionic Coat

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