BionicCoat, the exceptional protector made of plastic

Plastics come in several compositions. For example, PVC is used for window frames, sheet piling, pipes, flower pots and furniture. They contain plasticizers. These molecules are liquid and volatile. When it emerges, the plastic becomes porous, cracks can occur and the penetration of (natural) substances can lead to irremovable stains. BionicCoat Plastic is a transparent solvent-based impregnation agent. It is deeply penetrating, very economical in use and durable and leaves the material virtually untouched visually. Available in 1 liter bottle, 5 liter jerry can and IBC (1,000 liters).

Nanocoat solutions for rigid platics / plastics

Plastic offers many applications. It is therefore understandable that hard plastics / PVC are very popular. However, sooner or later the release of the included plasticisers will lead to the need for replacement… unless you treat them with BionicCoat Plastic. Then the material retains its properties, and you even add new properties to it. Because materials, dirt and substances can no longer adhere to the plastic after treatment. Ideal if you want to prevent pollution or inconvenience, for example within a product process, for pipes for water or chemical substances, construction works, etc. In addition, discoloration is prevented. Therefore choose beautiful and responsible. Give nature priority. Knowing more? Mail to