BionicClean Foam Cleaner

BionicClean Foam Cleaner is a highly concentrated, neutral and environmentally friendly product for the maintenance of surfaces in hard-to-reach places such as facades and ceilings. The foam layer keeps the powerful cleaning agent in place to ensure sufficient penetration and cleaning power. The cleaning agent is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. BionicClean Foam Cleaner is also excellent for use on surfaces that have previously been performed with BionicCoat.


The advantages:
  • Perfect cleaning agent for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Ideal for use in hard-to-reach places
  • Provides more cleaning power because the agent remains attached to the intended location
  • After application a clean and streak-free result
How to use?

You can apply the BionicCoat Foam Cleaner in several ways. For large surfaces and frequent use, the use of a machine is optional. A sprayer is a handy solution for less frequent application. Another option is to work with a filled bucket, but it is not ideal. Work from the bottom up. This prevents cleaning agent from running over the cleaned surface and leaving streaks behind. Always rinse with clean water.


Perfect cleaning requires multiple treatment: first cleaning the material, then coating with BionicCoat, then regular maintenance. Want to know which BionicCoat works best for your surface?

Bionic Coat

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