BionicClean White Efflorescence Remover

BionicClean White Efflorescence Remover is a highly concentrated (water dilutable), ecologically sound and powerful solution for removing white efflorescence on façades and other stony surfaces. White Efflorescence Remover is also the ideal solution for removing concrete haze, cement residue, lime, rust and oxides from aluminium, brass and copper. Beautiful brickwork thus gets the chance to shine again. Unsightly facades turn into a beautiful sight.


The benefits:
  • Biodegradable cleaner
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Cost-effective: quick and economical to use
  • Ideal for removal of white efflorescence, cement veil and concrete haze
How to use?

Dilute BionicClean White Efflorescence Remover with water depending on the degree of soiling. For brickwork, an average of 1 in 3 is recommended. First moisten the surface to be treated because of the absorbent effect of bricks and concrete. Then apply with a pressure sprayer or brush until the efflorescence is no longer foamy. Allow product to penetrate for 5 to 10 minutes (do not allow to dry), if necessary support with brushing. Rinse surface with plenty of water.


Achieving perfect cleaning requires a multi-step treatment: first, clean the material, then coat it with BionicCoat, and finally, regular maintenance. Want to know which BionicCoat works best for your surface?

Bionic Coat

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