BionicCoat, the cleaner who brings returns

Glass and solar collectors have to deal with wind and weather. Rainwater is less clean than many people think. It contains sodium and sulfate ions. In addition, it contains many minerals. Rain is therefore not pure and contains a lot of pollution. Pollution causes deposits. Cleaning yourself with a chemical detergent is the worst choice you can make if you care about the environment. In addition, a soap film is formed. Moreover, not every place is easy to keep clean, while coated material rarely requires cleaning. Anyone who wants to keep the glazing clean and fresh and / or want to prevent a reduction in the sun yield from solar collectors, opt for the sustainable BionicProtect Glass & Solar. Available in 1 liter bottle, 5 liter jerry can and IBC (1,000 liters).

Nanocoat solutions for glass and solar collectors

Water and dirt can no longer adhere. This means that, for example, lime no longer has a chance, because the water simply runs down and can easily be removed there (or, when used outdoors, simply runs away in the immediate vicinity). Very pleasant for those who want to keep the cleaning time and use of cleaning products to a minimum. It also prevents a reduction in efficiency with solar collectors. Give nature priority. Do it sustainably responsibly. Knowing more? Mail to