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Fully sustainable nano coatings & cleaners

From now on, protect your products and materials in a sustainable way. Whatever material or surface you want to keep original, hydrophobic and clean; with BionicCoat and BionicClean from BionicProtect you will succeed in this completely. From concrete to metal, from wood to glass, from textiles to industrial applications… Always easy to use, economical in use and extremely effective.

BionicCoat preserves and makes materials easy to clean

  • Thanks to nanotechnology, the BionicCoat penetrates deep into the substrate
  • A unique composition for every material
  • BionicProtect® coats are based on ecological raw materials
  • At least 10 years non-decreasing warranty on operation
  • Very easy to apply, including brush, roller, sponge and sprayer

BionicClean cleaners for 100% clean surfaces

  • Powerful cleaner, also for surfaces that are difficult to reach (such as facades)
  • Environmentally friendly and perfect to use in combination with BionicCoat
  • Highly concentrated, unscented, economical to use
  • Removes pollutants such as dust, mud, animal and vegetable fats and proteins
  • Suitable for almost any surface including glass and plastic

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The benefits of BionicClean

Every cleaning issue requires its own solution. However, it always deserves a durable and powerful solution. That is why the BionicClean range consists of an Enzymes Cleaner, Foam Cleaner, Ultra Cleaner, Lime Solver and Graffiti Remover. This means that every conceivable pollution can be dealt with responsibly and for a very long time.


Guaranteed PFAS-free!

BionicProtect coats are completely PFAS-free (your current coating/impregnation is definitely not). Necessary for your health and the environment. Clearly from a legal point of view. Here you will find our statement

PFAS Statement

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